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The Marin Emergency Ride Home Program is provided by the Transportation Authority of Marin, with funding support from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.


The Marin Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program provides a free ride home in cases of emergency for employees who use alternative transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling, and walking.

ERH eases the worry of being stranded at the office if an unexpected situation arises, so commuters can leave their cars at home!

Employer Enrolls: All Marin businesses are eligible to participate in this free program.

Employee Emergency Arises: The employee obtains permission to take a ride from their designated on-site contact. Either the employee or on-site contact arranges for a taxi ride (list of taxi companies). The trip may be paid by either the employee or the employer. Reimbursement will be provided by the MARIN ERH program.




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